Succession Planning & Talent Management

Succession Planning and Talent Management

Succession Planning - The Sanctuary

Effective succession planning and talent management is essential for ensuring a steady supply of future leaders, and outstanding classroom practitioners. As part our commitment to the development of teachers of the future, St Chads takes a lead role in running the Oldham Primary Teaching Pool. This valuable service provides NQT’s and new teachers to Oldham an opportunity to show case their skills to the head teachers, and gives NQT’s the option of the best start in a career in Oldham. For the schools, and head teachers it provides a rigorously assessed pool of talent that has the potential to produce the next generation of outstanding classroom practitioners, and future leaders.

Oldham has 100 primary schools many of which are highly performing, outstanding schools, and a number of which are nationally recognized teaching schools. There is a diverse range of schools from the small village schools in Saddleworth to the large urban schools in the town center. Oldham is a highly colorful and multicultural borough and its pupils are prepared for a life in a multicultural society.

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