Designated OLEVI Centre (DOC)

Designated OLEVI Centre

Designated OLEVI Centre - The SanctuarySt Chad’s, have had a long and productive relationship with OLEVI, as one of the schools to pilot OTP/ ITP, St Chad’s have been delivering OLEVI Programmes for over 6 years.

The programmes have had a dramatic impact on the standards of teaching and learning at St Chad’s. The coaching and facilitated approach are aligned to the ethos that lies at the heart of St Chad’s CE Primary School.
Whilst many schools consider shared lesson observations and ward rounds good practice, at St Chad’s the key messages (at the heart of the OLEVI programmes) are: What drives all Teaching & Learning?
All staff use a facilitated approach to lessons, performance management is carried out in coached learning 3’s, peer observations and learning walks are common-place, all school development is undertaken through joint practice development with staff leading on key aspects of the school improvement, WWW/EBI is a regular feature of evaluations for children and staff, children have developed their own coaching system with a developed understanding of the importance of contracting and listening and questioning, staff and children enjoy the presence of colleagues and visitors in lessons recognising the benefits of sharing good practice.

The impact of our work has gone beyond our own school as we have incorporated DR ICE and a facilitated approach into much of the work we undertake as a Teaching School.
St Chad’s has gained a reputation for high quality programmes with schools outside the locality that actively seeking out the Sanctuary’s programmes.
As well as delivering programmes in St Chad’s, the Sanctuary Team has run Power of Coaching programmes (POCs) nationally from Birmingham to Barnsley, and has been responsible for running four Improving Teacher Programmes (ITP) and four Outstanding Teacher Programmes (OTP) in Wales to date.

In Spring 2014 St Chad’s became a Designated OLEVI Centre, one of six schools nationally, and the only primary school in England to receive this accolade. This means we facilitate the full portfolio of OLEVI programmes, which includes: ITP, OTP (including Coaching), OFP, Power of Coaching Training and QA.

As a medium sized primary school, we are delighted by the positive impact we are having across the school system. We are also very proud of our long-standing partnership with OLEVI and their recognition of the standard and quality of our support for schools.

Read what our delegates are saying about our programmes:

“It really made me think and reflect upon my current teaching practices. It has given me inspiring ideas to take my teaching to the next level.”
Hannah Rees Outstanding Teacher Programme Delegate -12 March 2014

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